Larry Alber

Larry takes care of the Accounts Payable and Bookkeeping for Mount Hope

Bonnie Jean Barczak

Bonnie Jean is the musical director of the Hope Choir and the Bell Choir.

Jill Dahlgren

Jill is the accompianist for the Hope Choir

Mary Felkner

Mary takes care of the Accounts Receivable at Mount Hope

Tom Giesfeldt

Tom is the custodian for Mount Hope.


Jan Heins

Jan is our resident Organist at Mount Hope

Christine Hintze

Christine is the Sunday School Coordinator

Donna Ihlenfeld

Donna is the church Administrative Assistant. She takes care of the day-to-day business in the church office. Realistically, if you want to know anything about practically anything, talk to Donna!


Donna Jonasen

Donna is the worship leader at the contemporary worship service.

Pat Kaiser

Pat is the director of the Instrumental Ensemble.