The Calling: May 2018

The Calling: April 2018

The Calling: March 2018

The Calling: February 2018

The Calling: December 2017

The Calling: November 2017

This month is all about giving thanks - for our families, for the work we do in God's name, and for the love and Grace of Jesus Christ that we all share.

The Calling: October 2017

This month's calling is packed with articles! Updates on things happening around Mount Hope, summaries of past events that were wildly successful, and thoughts on how Jesus helps us through Mount Hope. Check it out!

The Calling: September 2017

This month's newsletter is jam-packed with articles about the Fall Festival, new youth events like Brewing the Faith, mission outreach, our mission partners, and more! This issues is definitely one of the biggest!

The Calling: June / July 2017

Pastor Brian talks about what it means to be warm and welcoming. Various building updates and projects are discussed, and we find out how to not worry, be happy!

The Calling: May 2017

In this issue, articles discussing church choice, prison congregations, the spaghetti dinner, baby shower weekend, building updates, and more!

The Calling: April 2017

In this month's issue, you will find articles about the Hope closet and Hope pantry, the church's role in our society today, and LSS adoption highlights.

The Calling: March 2017

This month, Pastor Brian reflects on the season of Lent. Cathy Hinrichs spotlights service projects, building repairs are mentioned, and LSS explains their refugee resetlement division.