Pastor's Week in Review

December 17, 2016
Hello everyone,
Well, Christmas is almost here, and if we can dig ourselves out of these storms, we should have a very blessed one.
Christmas preparations are underway.  As you know, we are perhaps starting a new tradition, with our Carols, Traditions, and Memories service tomorrow at 10:00.  Pat Kaiser has done a great job of writing and organizing this service, and I know many people are excited to see and experience it.
We are still working on the Church Constitution.  We received church documents from the Lutheran Church of the Atonement down in Barrington, IL, which has done what we are proposing to do. The pastor is a long-time friend of mine, and he, Cathy Hinrichs and I had a phone conference with him to see how their church and council has responded to the changes they made a couple of years ago.  He said that it has been a very positive move, that the council or Board of Governance as they call it now concentrates on what a council is supposed to do, namely set policies and procedures for the church which allows the missions of the church know what authority they have in making their own decisions, planning out long-term mission goals and strategies, and having oversight of the financials and physical plant of the church.  They have cleared most of the agenda items that used to bog the council down, and have shifted them to the staff and missions of the church.  He stated that now the church is working much more efficiently with much more accountability.
That's it from this end of the world.  I hope you will stay warm in this next Arctic blast, and I will see you tomorrow.
Pastor Brian